Publishers i have worked with

Publishers i have worked with

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Right Words

Third in the series of the Shama Futehally books.

Read the blurb and then read the design.


g. said...

Love the overall design of this series. Would like to have had the second book continue the photography styling of the great depth of field in the other covers. ie, the foreground in focus, background or object blurred out. I find it works well in those covers with the title on the same 'plane' as the foreground focus.

Nice type selection as well. Could tweak the spine layout a bit on the third cover, would suggest moving "words" from underneath the "right" to the right of it.

Thanks for sharing your work, look forward to seeing more of your projects!

chandan crasta said...

hi g,

Thanks for the appreciation. Your comments are quite perceptive. Yes I did realize the photo styling wasn't carried through in the second book. Actually I didn't plan for the styling this way, it happened on it own, like a lot of things in design.

As for the type, it's Baskerville (love the itals). Like you said if I move 'words' to the right then it would touch the descender of 'g', wouldn't it?

thanks for your comments, pls look at my other work and talk about it.

~ Chandan

meanestindian said...

Great work.

I recently interviewed Andy Altman from Why Not Associates in London & one of the questions I asked him was - if you were to form a football team of fonts... who would make it to your Top 11? He had Baskerville as his goalie based on its dependable characteristics!