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Publishers i have worked with

Monday, February 20, 2006

Bravely fought the Queen

This is a series title. The first book is Final Solutions have a look below.


pinaki said...

sorry to say i am not at all happy with this one at all. you can ask any person who closely reads or enjoys seeing a daatani play he or she will say the same. i teach it in the class and always think of it having a lot of possibilities. for example the bonsai tree within the play symtomatic of the stunted growth of the protagonists. dattani also uses his stagecraft very innovatively - you could have used that two-tier stage as a springboard for ideas. ditto for final solutions. it is too simplistic to convey the importance of the text. i don't blame you we have to do designs at such a hurried pace sometimes the essence is missed.sometimes too much cleverness also doesn't work.i hope you don't take this comment otherwise. i really like some of your designs a lot but this are not one of them.

chandan crasta said...

hi pinaki,

Thanks for the forthright comment.

I didn't read this play, should have. Since I had time on this. I was caught up with the idea of retaining the circle and thus prevented myself from exploring the text. What would you have done for Final solution's I'm really curious, since you have read Dattani. My idea was to convey that a real solution is not possible, conveyed too simplistically perhaps. Pinaki if you have some metaphors for these two plays please do share.

pinaki said...

dear chandan,
i think the bonsai plant is really a great metaphor in bravely... also there is a haunting scene of a protagonist dolly dancing like her own mentally retarded daughter. also there is an implicit hint at homosexuality which ruins a marriage in the play. the title has nothing to do with the real historical rani
of jhansi. it is a subtext picked up from a popular hindi poem. do read the drama. i found it fascinating with all its intricacy. final solutions is about a person sheltering two muslim boys during a communal riot. there also mahesh wants the audience to move away from these communal questions and progress beyond them but you are right in suggesting are we still game enough to find a final solution. i think you can understand the import of these plays which i regard as modern classics. now both of these plays are also taught as part of the syllabus in indian universities and the students have generally responded fantastically to these performances. you can look at in order to know a bit more about the man himself.unfortunately this a pit fall of being a commercial designer which i also discovered recently. so it happens to all of us.sometimes we have to do things in such a hurry that we forget to read up a bit. this is a honest confession which i also make because as a designer i have also scrambled a lot of things. it is in a way (you will also agree) part of the fun. right!!