Publishers i have worked with

Publishers i have worked with

Monday, November 28, 2005

French Book Covers

The next few books will be work that I have done before Penguin. These are French books translated into English and are meant for the Indian market. These books have been re-jacketed, they have other cover designs done in France.

While designing these books I did not have a look at the French covers but went straight on and designed them and once done, went and had a look at the original covers. Quite a revelation into interpretation of text.

These French titles are amongst the best in French literature and all are award winning books. Reading them was fun, did'nt enjoy all of them though.

So without further ado…


pinaki said...

chandan i have all the french books translations that you did. i really like a lot of them but i have something to tell about the breton cover. i don't know whether you know this that andre breton is credited with penning the surrealistic manifesto. the book is also one in the formative stage of breton. the cover you did instantly reminds me of pop paintings specially that of warhol. now they are so disparate in context that it becomes a case of misplaced identity unless you want to harp on its intertexuality.even in that case they don't really gel.

chandan crasta said...

hi pinaki,

thanks for the genuine comments. About 'mad love', if the cover reminds you of Warhol then it does'nt work. i will post the other options for this, tell me what you feel...