Publishers i have worked with

Publishers i have worked with

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Making News

Had done many options for this cover. Real toughie. Was looking at getting a symbol for journalism here, especially women in journalism, tried many things but finally arrived at the pen, which is a recognizable symbol (The Indian Express). But am still wondering whether I could have done something else? Any suggestions?
Will try and post the options I had done.


grandma blue said...

Please do post the other options. I came over to your blog because I saw this cover on the Osprey blog and was so impressed. I'm looking forward to more great covers from you. This is terrific!

grandma blue said...

A couple of blogs you might want to link to:

Nathan said...

Buddy thats a cool cover I like it.

Can't Design said...

The design deserves a demy format. Take it as a compliment! Just one thing— i wish the 4 lines in the border could have been a bit thinner.