Publishers i have worked with

Publishers i have worked with

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


This book is the autobiography of Louis-Rene des Forets. Very lyrical prose this, a good read. On the cover I have put selected passages from the book and the title of the book is revealed in the passages. I did not want to have the title again on the cover as you see it, but the publishing house guys said that people can't read it otherwise. The word Ostinato means obstinate/recurring.


Can't Design said...

I agree with u regarding the title but don't expect the layman in India to be as sharp as u are. After all they are the buyers and its a money-minting business. Jo dikhta hai woh bikta hai!

pinaki said...

brilliant intertexuality. have you read the french poet Appolonaire's Calligrams? if you haven't please will understand what i mean. anyway, very nicely done. i agree with you. you didn't need to put the name again. great cover.